About Us

Southern Thermal Solutions, Inc. is the culmination of 60+ combined years of vision, passion, and experience in the Cold Storage and Mechanical Insulation fields. Our passion comes from our deep appreciation and respect for the craftsmen that dedicate their lives to quality work. We strive to operate a great business and to make our industry stronger through innovation and dedication to our people who make our business possible.


To be the most trusted name in the cold storage, insulation construction, and service industry.

We will be the most trusted name in our industry through hard work, dedication, and honesty. We will stand behind our work and our word, raising the industry standards of safety and quality through our actions. We will be an open-minded company that values new ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit. We will be a driving force for innovation in our industry through the contribution and ideas of our people.

  • Our customers are our life blood and we must take every opportunity to exceed their expectations.
  • Our employees are our most important asset. We each must be successful for our business to be successful.
  • Quality and safety must be our passion every day.
  • Our minds must always be open to listen to new ideas.
  • We must possess the courage to communicate honestly in a constructive manner and seek positive outcomes.
  • We must seek to redefine productivity through team work and technology. We must be willing to look outside our business and trade for inspiration.
  • We must all be mentors every day, passing on what we have learned. We are all responsible for the next generation.
  • We must balance our lives between work, home, spirit, and community.